The quality of Alto Adige wine lies in the hands of the winegrowers and the wineries. The Consortium of Alto Adige Wine has made marketing and image cultivation its task, using a variety of projects to present the intense efforts of Alto Adige winegrowers and winemakers to create the region’s best red wines and white wines. Presented in an appealing manner in Alto Adige itself, the rest of Italy, and throughout the EU, Alto Adige wine finds a platform in the Consortium which wine connoisseurs and wine lovers from all over the world can access.

The consortium plans and organizes the campaigns for generic wine promotion, it sets and monitors the budget, and it takes advantage of every opportunity to show Alto Adige wine in its best light.

In addition to public relations work, though, consulting in matters of winegrowing regulations is also an important part of the functions of the Consortium of Alto Adige Wine. Also included in its duties are maintaining the various wine registers and making decisions regarding winegrowing policy.