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Alto Adige Wine: From a Small Land to the Very Peak

Renowned wine guides from Italy and around the world, such as Gambero Rosso and Wine Spectator, confirm again and again the unsurpassed quality of Alto Adige wines. The commitment of the winegrowers pays off time and time again. Their reward: top honors and recognition that ranges far beyond the borders of the province.
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Alto Adige Moscato Giallo Passito Sandbichler 2010

Kellereigenossenschaft Girlan
Wine Guide:
 . Veronelli

Alto Adige Moscato Giallo Passito Baronesse Baron Salvadori 2011

Nals Margreid Winery
Wine Guide:
 . Bibenda

Alto Adige Sauvignon Lafóa 2011

Colterenzio Winery
Wine Guide:
 . Veronelli

Südtirol Terlaner Sauvignon Quarz 2012

Terlano Winery
Wine Guide:
 . AIS . Bibenda . Veronelli

Südtirol Eisacktaler Sylvaner R 2012

Köfererhof Winery
Wine Guide:
 . DoctorWine . SlowWine . L'Espresso

Südtirol Terlaner Weißburgunder Rarität 2002

Terlano Winery
Wine Guide:
 . AIS . DoctorWine . Bibenda

Alto Adige Gewürztraminer Passito Cashmere 2011

Elena Walch Winery
Wine Guide:
 . Bibenda


Never predictable and full of surprises: every vintage is anticipated with excitement.

DOC Cultivation Zone

In the subject of the DOC cultivation zone, Alto Adige is the leader in all of Italy. This small winegrowing region produces a very high percentage of its wines according to strict quality standards.

The Curtain is Up for Alto Adige Wine

Trends and Events, Delights and Culture

Winegrowing Region

Together We are Strong

Have you ever wondered just how much work is contained in a single glass of wine? From pruning the vines, removing leaves, pest control, and ...
Winegrowing Region

A Seal with Effect

The leader in all of Italy. In Alto Adige, more than 98% of all of the vineyard area is DOC certified.
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