The name Südtirol [“South Tyrol” or “Alto Adige”] is inextricably linked with the culture of wine and enjoyment. For that reason, “Südtirol” can only be on it if “Südtirol” is actually in it. In the end, the name vouches for quality and the best in wines. Comprehensive knowledge about the wine, a lengthy tradition, and the great dedication of winegrowers and wineries are contained in every single bottle of Alto Adige wine.

The “Südtirol” logo visually contributes to recognition and guarantees the origin of the contents. It clearly shows the protected origin of Alto Adige DOC wines. And with the unified image of the “Südtirol” brand, the identity and the feeling of community that connects Alto Adige producers also becomes visible. On the market, the generic presence is a clear testimony to the close bond with the province of Alto Adige and also a competitive advantage.