People with Character, Wines with Character

Small-scale Structures, Great Passion

Behind every great wine of Alto Adige stands a stubborn figure who is also a visionary. There are more than five thousand winegrowers with their families who keep a firm hold on their passion for the property and the soil, who do not shy away from hard manual labor, and who form a strong, tightly-knit community. Their little plot of land is more for them than just a production site. It is their identity and their pride. Their thoughts are always tied to the earth, they work with the long term in mind, and they leave space for individuality. So the small-scale structures require big personalities. The people who lend Alto Adige wine its character and personality.

“Alto Adige is home to some of the most exciting wines in Italy, sleek whites and seductive reds with their own independent personality. This region of the Alps is a linguistic and social melting pot with its very own character, and the wines reflect this origin that reaches across cultures. They are unmistakable, individual, and exceed all expectations.”

Paul LukacsAuthor and Journalist
Striving for Quality Alto Adige

Striving for Quality

The ingredients that make the cultivation zone of Alto Adige the most prizewinning wine region in all of Italy.
Sustainability Alto Adige


Careful development for better quality of life: winegrowing in Alto Adige looks toward the future.