Alto Adige, Through and Through

What the Capsule Reveals

A bottle of “Südtirol Wine” gets along just fine without a lot of explanations. Because the most important information is already found on the imprint at the end of the capsule. It stands for a protected origin and the characteristics that are associated with that. Just one look is sufficient, and wine connoisseurs know that they are holding a top-quality wine in their hands that has come into existence under the strict provisions of Italy’s DOC regulations for the province.

The use of the imprint is strictly controlled. So anyone who sees it can be certain of the quality of the contents. Consequently, not only does it possess recognition value, it also provides certainty and creates long-term trust. And last but not least, the unified presence of Alto Adige DOC wines also carries clear testimony about the province and conveys the message that whatever has come to exist out of common conviction belongs together.
DOC Cultivation Zone Alto Adige

DOC Cultivation Zone

In the subject of the DOC cultivation zone, Alto Adige is the leader in all of Italy. This small winegrowing region produces a very high percentage of its wines according to strict quality standards.
Awards and Honors Alto Adige

Awards and Honors

Passion that bears fruit, commitment that is worthwhile: Alto Adige's excellent wines.