In addition to Pinot Noir and Schiava, this is one of Alto Adige’s leading red wine varieties. Lagrein is an indigenous wine filled with character. Its origins are deeply rooted in Bolzano, and it has recently experienced a genuine renaissance. Lagrein is impressive with its aromas of berries, fresh cherries, and violets. On the palate, it demonstrates a velvety body and soft acidity. After aging in small oak casks, tones of spice lend the top selections additional charm and character. A rosé version of the
grape is also made, known as “Lagrein Kretzer” (or “Lagrein Rosato”).
Area under cultivation:
468 ha
Cultivation zone:
Primarily in Bolzano and Bassa Atesina
Preferred location:
in gravelly valley areas such as the Bolzano basin, where the soils remain warm for a long time in the autumn ( sand, gravel, Bolzano porphyr). On the slopes, cultivation is limitedly possible up to 300 meters (1,000 feet) above sea level.
Serving temperature:
16-18º C. (61-64º F.) for Lagrein, 10-12º C. (50-54º F.) for Lagrein Rosé
Recommended pairings:
game, dark meats, aged cheeses
Area under cultivation:
798 ha
Cultivation zone:
Primarily Bolzano, Oltradige, Merano and Bassa Atesina
Area under cultivation:
443 ha
Cultivation zone:
Primarily in Bassa Atesina and Oltradige
Area under cultivation:
187 ha
Cultivation zone:
Primarily in Oltradige, Bassa Atesina und Adige Valley
Area under cultivation:
161 ha
Cultivation zone:
Primarily in Bassa Atesina, Oltradige and Bolzano
Area under cultivation:
12 ha
Cultivation zone:
Primarily in Oltradige and Bassa Atesina
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