Through the Vineyards on Two Wheels

Biking for Fun through Alto Adige’s Wine Landscape

Exercise, fresh air, and wine culture can be perfectly combined in Alto Adige. Riding along the Alto Adige Wine Route brings cyclists past carefully manicured vineyards, castles and medieval manors, and right up to the wineries in the largest winegrowing areas in the province. The comfortable bike routes run between Bolzano, Caldaro, and Cortaccia, and not only do they give the legs a good workout, they are also a treat for the taste buds. At the wineries, thirsty bicyclists can taste the wines and meet the winegrowers. After the well-earned break, it’s back in the saddle to ride past the next winery, which will tell its own unique story.
Northern Wine Route alto Adige

Northern Wine Route

In addition to the connected bike path network on the valley floor, it is above all else trips in the Alto Adige wine landscape that are always worth an excursion. From vineyard to vineyard and from winery to winery, the pleasurable anticipation of the next destination makes the pedals move just a little bit faster. One of the three routes along the Alto Adige Wine Route begins at the Piazza Walther in Bolzano.
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Central Wine Route Alto Adige

Central Wine Route

The Central Wine Route is somewhat shorter than the Northern Wine Route. But this route has a greater elevation change to cover, making it somewhat more difficult. But with a little athletic preparation, it can nevertheless be managed by most aficionados of Alto Adige. This time, the starting point is at the Piazza Stazione in Caldaro. From there, the Central Wine Route leads through the Monticolo Woods to the two Monticolo Lakes.
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Southern Wine Route

Southern Wine Route

In addition to the Northern Wine Route and the Central Wine Route, a bike path also runs through the vineyards to the south. The Southern Wine Route begins at Cortaccia sulla Strada del Vino. The destination is Salurno, the southernmost community in Alto Adige. Along the way, riders enjoy the vineyard landscapes in Niclara, Magrè, and Cortina. Arriving in Salurno is a great opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine and some typical Alto Adige refreshm
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