From enthusiast to connoisseur

Hone your senses, train your palate: learn about wine from the experts

How do you swirl a wine glass properly, detect the finest scent notes or recognise varieties and identify vintages on the palate? How does wine get from the vine to the glass and from Alto Adige to the whole world? 

Wine lovers will find the answer to these and many other questions on various courses and seminars, where experienced professionals turn enthusiasts into connoisseurs. Wine experts too can expand their knowledge, gain new insights and make new contacts.

  • Sensorium blind testing in Völs am Schlern
    These wine and sensory seminars are held in complete darkness: the aim is to train the sensory skills of participants and sensitise them to a variety of smells and tastes.

  • Alto Adige Wine Academy
    Under the motto “Experiencing wine knowledge”, the courses cover production, tasting and wine culture and are aimed both at wine lovers and trained professionals.

  • Association of Sommeliers of Alto Adige
    This one-stop shop for wine education and training offers both beginners and professionals the opportunity to expand their knowledge and obtain a state-recognised diploma.

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