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On the Go through Alto Adige’s Grapevines

Anyone who wants to experience the wine culture of Alto Adige up close and personal has several paths available – in the truest sense of the word. The entire province is crisscrossed by hiking trails and instructional paths through vineyards leading to the places of origin of the finest fruit of the vine. And it is not just the sight of the vineyards that is to be enjoyed. The pleasures of the palate are never far behind: the wines from the area can be tasted at cozy rest stops and directly at the wineries.

But even without stopping to taste, Alto Adige’s vineyard paths are worth an excursion. Amid buzzing honeybees, rich green grape leaves, and juicy, ripe grapes, they are the perfect lovely place to relax, stroll, and enjoy the landscape.
The Pinot Noir Trail

Pinot Noir Trail

This new cultural and wine-educational trail extends through the well-known Pinot Noir farming region at the edge of the Trudner Horn Nature Park. The villages of Auer/Ora, Montan/Montagna and Neumarkt/Egna are important places for the wine culture
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Caldaro Wine Trail Alto Adige

Caldaro Wine Trail

The Piazza Rottenburger in Caldaro is the starting point for the Caldaro Wine Trail, which runs like a loop around the Oltradige winegrowing village of Caldaro. In Alto Adige’s second-largest winegrowing community, one becomes properly aware of the
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Gewürztraminer Trail Alto Adige

Gewürztraminer Trail

Constantly exposed to a temperate breeze the slopes above Tramin/Termeno have, for the past hundred years and more, provided ideal conditions for the cultivation of the Gewürztraminer grape, which takes its name from this area. With its zesty and
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Via Vinum Venostis Alto Adige

Via Vinum Venostis - Val Venosta wine route

On the Val Venosta wine route hikers can enjoy an insightful and pleasurable tour throughout the year. For long distances the wine route follows the rogge, which were originally built as artificial irrigation channels. At times, it runs past farms
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WineCulturePath Marlengo Alto Adige

WineCulturePath Marlengo

Marling and wine has of course been a part of life in Marling ever since it was introduced to the area several hundred years ago. Evidence is everywhere to be found: for example, records exist from the 12th century relating to wine duties [the wine
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Chiusa Wine Trail Alto Adige

Chiusa Wine Trail

The Chiusa Wine Trail provides a view into the history of winegrowing, taking as its central theme the grape varieties of the Isarco Valley and the particular locations. The Chiusa Wine Trail leads from the municipal swimming pool past the district
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Terlano Wine Trail Alto Adige

Terlano Wine Trail

The winegrowing communities of Terlano, Andriano, Settequerce, and Vilpiano along the Terlano Wine Trail have much to tell, because this is where Alto Adige’s first winery cooperatives were formed more than 120 years ago. Guided hikes are available
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Lagundo Instructional Wine Trail Alto Adige

Lagundo Instructional Wine Trail

The Wasserwaale channels are the oldest irrigation systems in the vineyards and orchards. With the onset of industrialization, though, more technically advanced methods were invented, which is why these days, these channels can be excellently used
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Cortaccia Magrè Cortina Instructional Wine Trail Alto Adige

Cortaccia Instructional Wine Trail

With the instructional wine trails, both the province of Alto Adige and Alto Adige wine can be discovered either on your own or with the assistance of people who are familiar both with the particular location and its wine. Every Monday, Wednesday
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“Gschleier Path” Trail in Cornaiano Alto Adige

“Gschleier Path” Instructional Nature and Wine Trail in Cornaiano

There are around a hundred different species of plants that may make a hiker stop on the Cornaiano Instructional Nature and Wine Trail to marvel at the flowers, shrubs and grasses and smell them. And the culture of Alto Adige winegrowing accompanies
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Castel Sallegg Wine Trail Alto Adige

Castel Sallegg Wine Trail

“Good wine is born in the vineyard” – an often quoted truth that is more relevant today than ever before. Why that is so and what happens in the vineyard is illustrated by the Wine Trail at Castel Sallegg in Kaltern. Information boards located in
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Alto Adige Wines - Hiking

Multifaceted hiking experience

Diverse, challenging or impressive? There’s no need to compromise because in Alto Adige you can do it all! Amongst our hiking suggestions there’s something to suit every taste. Choose from walks through the vineyards, leisurely family excursions or
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