Tortelli with robiola and orange, herbed butter and asparagus

180 min
serves 6


300 g all-purpose flour
3 eggs
200 g ricotta
200 g robiola cheese
1 orange
400 g asparagus
80 g butter
1 sprig rosemary, sage and thyme
40 g parmesan
salt and pepper

Which wine pairs well with asparagus?

Pinot Bianco Alto Adige DOC: with a rich structure
Voluptuous, overflowing with aromas and a melt-in-the-mouth sensation - this dish has it all! The Pinot Blanc needs a lot of complexity and full-bodied juiciness to keep pace with a dish like this.

Sylvaner Alto Adige DOC
A powerful Sylvaner will provide adequate structure and juiciness, thus harmonising perfectly with this dish. 


Step 1

To make the pasta, knead the eggs into the flour until the dough is smooth; wrap in cling film and leave to rest for an hour.

Step 2

Mix the ricotta with the robiola, season with salt and pepper and add grated orange zest.

Step 3

Clean the asparagus, cut it into small pieces and fry with half of the butter and some salt and pepper.

Step 4

Roll out the pasta into a sheet 2 mm thick. On top add small mounds of the cheese filling then cover with another layer of pasta. Cut into tortelli.

Step 5

Cook in salted water before frying with the rest of the butter, grated parmesan and chopped herbs.

Step 6

Serve with the asparagus.
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