Erich Mayr
Winner 2007

Ristorante "Durnwald“

Via N.-Amhof 6 39030 Valle di Casies
Tel. +39 0474 746 920
A typical village inn with local cuisine at the highest level allows for the celebration of exquisite wine culture even far removed from the classic winegrowing zone. At “Durnwald”, a symbiosis is created between culinary delicacies and the red wines and white wines that best pair with them. The large selection of Alto Adige wines on the wine list makes this possible. An offering of wines that is attuned to the dishes turns the dining and sipping into a fireworks show on the palate.
Erich Mayr
“Because the wines pair so well with the dishes, our guests celebrate one flavor experience after another.”
Erich Mayr
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