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Nearly Two Thousand Alto Adige Wines Tasted

Italy’s Wine Guides Hold the Scepter in Their Hands

What comes to mind when you think about Alto Adige white wines and red wines? Full-bodied, fresh, or maybe filled with character? It was precisely these questions that were also posed in the past weeks by the tasters of the renowned Italian wine guides Vini buoni d’Italia, Doctor Wine, Slow Wine, and Gambero Rosso. During the period between May 28 and June 22, a total of 1,953 Alto Adige white wines and red wines were tasted from the current vintage. What do the tasters have to say about the wines of 2017?

Herbert Taschler, an expert on Alto Adige wine and a taster for the wine guide Gambero Rosso, ventures a prognosis: “Even if 2017 was characterized by capricious weather, hail, and cold, the quality of this vintage is very satisfying.” And he goes on to add, “The Alto Adige white wines of the 2017 vintage stand out because of their elegant, fresh, and fruity character.” Alto Adige’s red wines, on the other hand, are in his opinion somewhat lighter in color and leaner in structure but very inviting in their drinking pleasure.

Top-quality Alto Adige wines have already been represented in the international wine guides for years. But those that will be honored to be counted among the best will in any case remain a secret until autumn.

Although one thing’s for sure: the best of Alto Adige wines will receive their place in the most respected wine guides Vini buoni d’Italia, Doctor Wine, Slow Wine, and Gambero Rosso. They will be offered for tasting to a broad public involved in the industry at the event Top of Wine on November 30. It will be a gathering for exchanging and enjoying.

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