Bike Trips through Alto Adige

Pairing Wine with Bicycles

Change Your Perspective – Bike Trips through Alto Adige Make It Possible

A bicycle and wine: at first glance, an unlikely couple. A bicycle is all about being active, being athletic, just taking off and going. And wine? It signifies quiet enjoyment and sociable conviviality. But delve into it in greater detail, and you will get acquainted with the unfamiliar right away: enjoying bicycles and wine complement each other excellently.

Is biking your passion? Do you love the nature of Alto Adige, the Mediterranean climate, and are you a fan of Alto Adige wines? Then come out on pedals on the Alto Adige Wine Route, one of the oldest wine routes in all of Italy, and allow yourself to be inspired by the impressions.

The trio of the Northern, Central, and Southern Wine Routes will lead you through the winegrowing areas of Alto Adige, from the Isarco Valley to the Bassa Atesina, along eventful pathways, and past unique cultural sights worth seeing and the typical vineyards. The passionate wine connoisseurs among you will soon recognize it: each of the three paths runs through the cultivation zone of one of Alto Adige’s three indigenous grape varieties: while the Northern Wine Route, which leads from Chiusa past Terlano and Vilpiano as far as Nalles, runs through the cultivation zone of Alto Adige Lagrein, when you ride on the Central Wine Route, which leads from Caldaro to the Monticolo lakes, you will go through the cultivation zone of the traditional grape variety Alto Adige Schiava. The third tour, the Southern Wine Route, extends through the heart of the Gewürztraminer cultivation zone, running from Cortaccia to Salorno and back again through Egna and Ora as far as Termeno.

Our tip: take the time to participate in a wine tasting in the Alto Adige wineries or to have a discussion with an Alto Adige winegrower.

So get on the saddle, get the pedals moving, and you’re off... The winegrowing region of Alto Adige is your biking paradise.
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