Biodynamic Winemaking Alto Adige

Primitive Rock in Biodynamic Winemaking

For these wine producers, sustainable winemaking has for the longest time been nothing more than business as usual

Wine has been made for many generations now in Alto Adige. In sunny corners of valleys, in steep vineyards, and at extremely high elevations. By winegrowers who feel obligated to their land and constantly endeavor to create wines of the highest quality. And in so doing, one thing becomes more and more clear: winemaking also means responsibility toward the environment. And for that reason, winegrowers today place increasingly greater emphasis upon biodynamic cultivation.

Alois Lageder is one of the pioneers in producing wines in close harmony with nature. In practice, that means doing without chemical or synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Instead of those, special preparations and homeopathic teas are used as aids. In the autumn and winter months, cows, sheep, and donkeys from the surrounding mountain farmers graze in the vineyards according to the old tradition and, in so doing, fertilize the soils in a natural way.

The structure and preservation of the natural cycle is also a great focus of the Manincor estate winery, and for the longest time now, biodynamics are no longer a method confined to the wine industry. Coppices of trees and hedges break through the vineyards; grain, flowers, clover, and rapeseed grow between the rows of vines, useful bees swarm out of a colorful wooden house – the honey is sold in the tasting room.

The Pfitscher estate winery in Montagna can boast of being the first Klimahouse winery in all of Italy. The family completely rebuilt the winery complex along with the wine cellar building in 2011 – and shortly thereafter it was certified: the energy efficiency and the sustainability of the building and the environmentally friendly and production course designed to protect resources are exemplary throughout the entire province.
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