The grape harvest Alto Adige

The Die is Cast, or Perhaps Not?

Alto Adige’s Wine Sector is Counting on a Special Vintage

The final weeks before the start of the grape harvest are decisive for the quality and flavor of Alto Adige wine. After the capricious weather of the past year, higher harvest figures are expected this year. The harvest of the white grapes has already begun. It will still be necessary to wait a few weeks for the red grapes. They have a longer maturation period and are therefore picked at a later point in time.

According to Max Niedermayr, president of the Consortium of Alto Adige Wine, those involved are satisfied so far with the course of the growth of the grapes. “The winter and spring months with abundant precipitation pushed the vegetation of the grapevines early,” Niedermayr said. And the warm summer also had a positive effect upon the quality of the grapes. By and large, the winegrowers are pleased with the harvest, and damage from hail was limited.

But the president of the Consortium of Alto Adige Wine emphasizes, “As far as quality is concerned, the final weeks before the harvest are decisive.” Thus far, it appears as though the many intense hours of work and the diligence of the winegrowers throughout the year have paid off. In concluding, Niedermayr dares to venture a positive prognosis: “If the weather continues to cooperate up through the end of the harvest, 2018 will be a top vintage.”

How will this year’s wine vintage play out? It’s looking exciting...
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