The Harvest Begins with Alto Adige Wine

The Harvest Begins with Alto Adige Wine

At the start of this year's harvest season, Alto Adige wine experts venture a first prognosis

In some of the province's vineyards, the harvest has already begun in earnest. Pinot Blanc, Müller Thurgau, and Sauvignon Blanc are the first to be brought into the winery after this year's fair to middling weather. Between twelve and fourteen days earlier than usual, as determined by Stephan Filippi, chairman of the Association of Oenologists. The reasons for this were the early sprouting of the vines and the higher-than-average temperatures this summer.

Along with the early sprouting came capricious weather. “The spring frosts in April caused widespread severe damage, primarily in the Isarco Valley and in the Oltradige area,” said Max Niedermayr, president of the Consortium of Alto Adige Wine. Even though Alto Adige did not suffer from the drought that plagued the rest of Italy, this summer was a challenge to the nerves of the winegrowers. “What was bad, of course, were the hailstorms which caused damage to the quality of the grapes in a variety of locations.”

On the whole, the wine experts are expecting a drop in the total harvest of from 10 to 20%. “But the diligence and professionalism of our winegrowers have maintained the quality,” says Niedermayr with confidence. And Filippi is also convinced that in the end, this vintage will be a good one.

Alto Adige Wine wishes the winegrowers and winemakers great success with this year's harvest!
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