Wine and easter Alto Adige

The Wine to Pair with Easter Classics

Selected Wine Varieties to Accompany Connoisseurs through the Easter Holidays

Easter brings along a whole series of traditional customs. The search for Easter eggs or making an Easter nest are just some of the rituals that have been a part of the holiday for generations. These also include special dishes that are served up on this special day. Preferably accompanied by a good glass of wine.

Alto Adige has a special tradition to kick off the Easter feast – a cold appetizer consisting of those foods that have been brought to the church to be blessed: eggs, ham, Easter bread (known in the local dialect as Fochaz), or horseradish. Like the food, the wine pairing is just as typically regional: the light, low-tannin Alto Adige Schiava (Vernatsch) is an outstanding match.

One classic that is widespread in Easter cuisine is asparagus with boiled ham and an egg sauce known appropriately enough as “Bolzano Sauce”. According to the recipe that has been handed down from the region, it is preferable to reach for a local wine, such as an Alto Adige Sauvignon Blanc or Alto Adige Pinot Bianco. The lively acidity and the fruity aromas of apple or pear enrich the gourmet experience.

The dish most closely connected with Easter is lamb. In the Christian tradition, the Easter lamb stands for purity and innocence and is a reminder of the death of Jesus Christ who died without sin on the cross for humanity as the lamb of God. Connoisseurs then enjoy celebrating the festival of the resurrection with an Alto Adige Pinot Noir. The aromas of berries also suitably tickle the palate for the holiday feast.
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