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Futuristic, lasting, and different: some wineries worth seeing

More and more Alto Adige wineries and winery cooperatives are making new architectural statements between historical walls. They bring together traditional winemaking and the aesthetics of form and, in so doing, also follow sustainable paths.

In Kaltern, for example, the winery spaces of Manincor were built underground in the vineyard. Only the tasting room and the sales pavilion are set up above ground – this is where the enjoyment of wine and the art of architecture are joined together with an unsurpassed view of Lake Kaltern.

In Montan, the wine-growing estate Pfitscher was relocated into the middle of the vineyards under the motto “Keep the tradition, venture to try the new” and has been awarded with the “KlimaHaus Wine” seal for energy-efficient construction methods.

Futuristic design distinguishes the new construction of several wineries. The unique green steel construction of the Cantina Tramin symbolically includes the form of the surrounding vineyard landscape. Another striking sales building has been erected by the Cantina Valle Isarco. The outer skin of the windowless concrete structure is completely covered with greyish red plaster. This natural coloration makes the façade reminiscent of rock that has grown up out of the ground.
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