24th Alto Adige Pinot Noir Days: Competition starts in March, event open to the public end of April

In late April, more than 85 producers from nine wine growing regions will be presenting their best wines at the 24th edition of the Pinot Noir Days in Alto Adige. Ahead of the public event, the competition for the title of Italy’s best pinot noir will kick off in mid-March. The winner will later be announced at the Pinot Noir Days.

Before the actual Pinot Noir Days take place, the spotlight is on 35 enologists from across Italy, who will each savor and rate a series of pinot noirs with a 2019 vintage. The tasting is organized by and held at the Laimburg Research Centre. It is led by Ulrich Pedri, head of the Enology research area. “Like in previous years, the wines will be savored individually,” adds Ines Giovanett, president of the committee organizing the Pinot Noir Days. “That will upgrade the assessments of each individual juror and raise the overall standard of the competition.”

Italy’s best pinot noirs will therefore already be selected in March, though the top 10 will not be formally announced until the 24th edition of the Alto Adige Pinot Noir Days. The ceremony on April 29th at which the best wines are declared will kick off this year’s Pinot Noir Days, which will take place in Neumarkt/Egna and Montan/Montagna until May 2nd. The presentation is aimed at a broad audience and will showcase pinot noirs by more than 85 vintners from nine wine growing regions.

In addition to the pinot noirs from Italy, the festival will also present this year’s guest region, the Swiss Canton of the Grisons, to which the organizers have dedicated a special event. Other than that, the organizers have decided to adopt the format that has proven successful at last year’s event: “Last year we received a lot of positive feedback, which is why pinot noir enthusiasts will once again have the opportunity to sign up for the two-hour long tastings at the table,” says Giovanett, who, above all, would like to thank the vintners for their contribution. “Our event rests on their enthusiasm and their desire to familiarize a broad swathe of the public with the outstanding quality of their wines,” explains the president of the organizational committee.

If you would like to plan your visit to the 24th Alto Adige Pinot Noir Days ahead of time, please visit the following website to find out all you need to know about the event, the agenda, and how to register for the wine tastings, please visit www.blauburgunder.it.
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Credits: Alto Adige Wines/Florian Andergassen
Credits: Alto Adige Pinot Noir Days
Credits: Alto Adige Wines/Florian Andergassen
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