DOC: A Guarantee of Outstanding Quality

A Seal with Effect

DOC: A Guarantee of Outstanding Quality

The leader in all of Italy. In Alto Adige, more than 98% of all of the vineyard area is DOC certified. Winegrowers very intentionally adhere to the strict provisions in order to produce excellent quality. Maximum yield quantities that may not be exceeded, an acidity content that must remain within parameters, and additional strict guidelines. DOC (denominazione di origine controllata, or controlled designation of origin) is more than just a guarantee of location. It is a promise of the highest quality and exquisite taste.

The basis for this was established in the Italian Wine Law no. 238 of December 12, 2016. According to this, DOC wines, DOCG wines (denominazione di origine controllata e garantita, or controlled and guaranteed designation of origin), and the wines from single vineyards stand at the peak of the quality pyramid.

In Alto Adige, there are two designations of origin:

  1. Alto Adige (Südtiroler): With “Alto Adige (Südtiroler)”, those common grape varieties are used which are most precisely defined and permitted. In fundamental terms, “Alto Adige (Südtiroler)” is the designation that concerns nearly all of the vineyard areas in Alto Adige – meaning practically all of what is defined as the “Alto Adige quality wine area”. With every wine, the associated grape variety is indicated as an addition (such as “Alto Adige Lagrein”). In certain defined cases, the designation may be used without any further addition, and thus Sekt or spumante for sparkling wine and Alto Adige Bianco or Südtiroler Weiß for certain white wines.
  2. Lago di Caldaro (Kalterersee): Wines that are produced in the declared “Lago di Caldaro (Kalterersee)” area may carry the addition classico – klassisch if they are located within the classic area. Or else they may carry the designation “Alto Adige (Südtirol)”. At least 85% of the red wine must be Schiava (Vernatsch). The classic area comprises the most original zone in the nine communities around Lake Caldaro. In addition, certain wines may also go on the market as superiore or Auslese [select].

Depending upon the cultivation zone, the designation of origin “Alto Adige (Südtiroler)” may be further subdivided into the subzones:

  1.  Alto Adige Valle Isarco (Südtirol Eisacktaler)
  2. Alto Adige Santa Maddalena (Südtirol St. Magdalener)
  3. Alto Adige Terlano (Südtirol Terlaner)
  4. Alto Adige Meranese (Südtirol Meraner)
  5. Alto Adige Valle Venosta (Südtirol Vinschgau)
  6. Alto Adige Colli di Bolzano (Südtirol Bozner Leiten)

An abundance of prizewinning wines which are grown in the various zones of Alto Adige from 200 to 1,000 meters (600 to 3,300 feet) above sea level and are associated with a seal of approval: the DOC. A guarantee for original enjoyment at the highest level.
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