Alto Adige Wine Competence Centre

The hub for all wine stakeholders in Alto Adige

The Consorzio Alto Adige Wines brings together all stakeholders in the wine sector of Alto Adige: winemaking cooperatives, estates and independent winegrowers. 

Communication, marketing, interest group
The interest group was founded in 2007 and is now the most important body for strategic, technical, legal and cultural issues. The Consorzio Alto Adige Wines is the interface between winegrowers and those institutions involved in viticulture in Alto Adige. The aim of this cooperation is to support the high quality existing in the wine sector with an equally high quality in terms of knowledge transfer and marketing.
The consortium acts as an advisory centre for EU funding projects, research projects, questions about wine law, production regulations, register administration, sustainability and Agenda 2030 issues, as well as for advice regarding market presence at home and abroad. The Consorzio Alto Adige Wines acts as a mouthpiece both in Italy and elsewhere.

Progress, research and marketing
The Consorzio Alto Adige Wines prepares strategic decisions and thus provides an impetus for the future of winegrowing in the region. As an umbrella platform it offers comprehensive background information, both online and offline, on wine in Alto Adige. Further education, research trips, market research, joint ventures and various wine projects allow the Consorzio Alto Adige Wines to pursue local, national and international exchanges and present wine from Alto Adige at trade fairs, congresses and other events.
Our task

Our task

The Consorzio Alto Adige Wines pursues clear goals in the interest of the entire sector and in particular of wine producers. Read here about our vision for winegrowing in Alto Adige. 
Our plans
Our partners

Our partners

Together we can do more. Here you can find a list of our partners from the wine industry and beyond, from the local to the international.
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