Holidaying in the wine region of Alto Adige

Holidaying in the wine region of Alto Adige

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Grapevines are in their element here in Alto Adige/Südtirol, where the soil and climate conditions are perfect, and where, helped along by dedicated winemakers, their flavours unfurl in all their glory as they ripen to perfection.

Here amidst the mountain vineyards and architectural beauty, gourmet cuisine and wine cellars steeped in history, Mediterranean panache and down-to-earth Alpine warmth, it’s not just our wines that are in their element: Alto Adige is also the perfect holiday destination.

The program of events ranges from leisurely cycling tours and adventurous hikes through to trips to extraordinary buildings and vineyard accommodation. Needless to say, you’ll be accompanied all the way by Alto Adige wine in all of its many facets: some fruity, some aromatic, some fresh and crispy, and some velvety soft.

Spend the warm summer evenings chatting about wines with the winemakers themselves, enjoying a glimpse behind the cellar door or taking a guided tour through the vineyards: Our winemakers offer a wide-ranging array of options.

After an action-packed day’s holidaying, there’s no better way to round off the day than by dining in a restaurant that knows its wines. Here in Alto Adige, many of our restaurants offer a top-quality range of dishes accompanied by the perfect pairings. These include restaurateurs who have won the Wine Culture Award, awarded to establishments who have created a particularly successful blend of excellent cuisine and outstanding wine pairings.

Still looking for the perfect accommodation? Come and stay in the heart of the vineyards and enjoy the warm hospitality of our winemakers, who lay a firm focus on the Alto Adige wine culture and love to treat their guests to Alto Adige wines. Here in Alto Adige, it couldn’t be easier: Just click and explore the offers.

And for all guests who are flying to Alto Adige, the enjoyment of fine wines begins on the flight itself. From April to November, a range of Alto Adige wines are served to passengers on board SkyAlps flights. This gourmet experience is included in the price of your ticket, and the wine list features four new wines every month.

Come and experience the wine culture of Alto Adige: up-close, intense, and filled with ever-changing surprises. Are you ready to spend the best days of year with us?
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