How Do I Become a Sommelier?

How Do I Become a Sommelier?

Turning into a Wine Pro, Step by Step

Which glass is best used for serving Pinot Noir? Fish is always paired with a white wine, right? With a typical Alto Adige snack, does a glass of Schiava (Vernatsch) always taste the best? And what is the correct way to open a bottle of wine? Sommeliers have the answers to these and many other questions. They are the connecting link between culinary delights and service, they take care of the ordering and the storage of the drinks, and they see to it that the wines emphasize the flavor of the dishes. Whether an employee in a dining establishment, an assistant in a winery, someone helping out in a wine shop, or just a wine enthusiast: with the training to be a sommelier, you are equipped for any eventuality having to do with the topic of wine.

Training in either German or Italian is offered by the Alto Adige Association of Sommeliers. Through a three-level program to become a sommelier, all of the topics on wine are covered.

The first level comprises a total of sixteen lessons on the tasks of the sommelier, tasting methods, service techniques, the correct selection of glasses, tours in the winery, and knowledge on the preparation of wine and on winegrowing. In the second level, the contents are delved into with even greater detail, and the sixteen lessons cover above all else the language of wine and tasting techniques. Within that context, the landscape of both Italian and international wines are scrutinized. In the third and final level, participants make a step-by-step approach to the discipline par excellence: the pairing of food and wine. In parallel to the graphic representation, the pairing is also tested in practice through the sixteen lessons. As is widely known, wine pairing is an art in and of itself, one which requires years of practice. But you are in the right hands with the experts of the Alto Adige Association of Sommeliers in order to lay the foundation for that. In order to be officially recognized as a sommelier, the written and oral exam must be passed at the end of the third level.

Would you like to become a sommelier? No problem! You may apply at any time through the Alto Adige Association of Sommeliers.
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