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Our Winegrowers: The Core of Alto Adige Wine

They’ve got it in their hands for the most part: whether this year’s Schiava (Vernatsch) scores a hit with its lightness, whether the Pinot Blanc proves itself in the end with freshness and crispness, whether the current vintage turns into a special one. With a great deal of life’s blood, passion, and commitment, Alto Adige’s winegrowers work every day at being able to celebrate a successful grape harvest in the autumn. Because only if the foundation is in order can the wine be convincing on both a national and international level. And as the many awards for Alto Adige wines prove, that commitment certainly pays off.

Around five thousand winegrowers tend the 5,500 hectares (13,600 acres) of vineyards in Alto Adige. Every autumn, year after year, they process around fifty thousand tons of grapes or else supply them to around two hundred wineries who turn them into wine. From family-run estate wineries to the organizations of the Independent Winegrowers to the wineries operating as cooperatives – the goal always remains the same: to produce wine of the highest quality. The multifaceted quality of the winegrowers is also reflected in the wines. For Alto Adige’s winegrowers, the quality and uniqueness of their wines always play the absolute leading role, with quantity being pushed back into second position.

With the necessary sensitivity for their particular locations, which lie between 200 and 1,000 meters (between 700 and 3,300 feet) of elevation, with farsighted ideas for the coming years with regard to sustainability or water management, and with the deeply anchored wealth of experience which they have carried with them since their childhood and which they received handed down from their fathers and grandfathers, they continue to lead their family operations with visionary ideas. They are the ones who know which grape varieties find their best little corner in Alto Adige. They are the ones who are best at keeping an eye on the weather and the climatic conditions and can carry out the necessary precautions at the right time. And they are the ones who make Alto Adige wine what it is.

We invite you on a virtual journey through Alto Adige’s estate wineries in order to get to know our winegrowers. What drives them forward day in, day out? What ideas do they have with respect to the further development of Alto Adige winegrowing? Why did they decide upon the profession of winegrower? Let’s go:
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