In the Club of Perlage Lovers

In the Club of Perlage Lovers

The Merano Winery, Kurtatsch Winery, and Pfitscher Estate Winery Present Their New Sparkling Wines

Bubbly pearls, multilayered aromas, highest quality. Alto Adige sparkling wine proves itself right down the line. With a great deal of passion, the necessary instinctive feeling, and a love for perfec-tion, the Alto Adige sparkling wine producers are continuously working at expanding their repertoire and rounding out the gourmet experience.
New to the ranks of the Association of South Tyrolean Sparkling Wine Producers, we would like to greet the Merano Winery, the Kurtatsch Winery, and the Pfitscher Estate Winery. With each of them introducing a new entry, they give new momentum to the Alto Adige sparkling wine scene. They had already laid the cornerstone for this new pillar years ago. And now the results can be tasted.

The Merano Winery presents itself with the “Brut Riserva DOC ‘36’” – a sparkling wine that was made for the first time in 2015 by winemaker Stefan Kapfinger. As is customary for sparkling wine from Alto Adige, it is produced with the lavish and labor-intensive bottle fermentation – also known as the méthode champenoise. For the optimal formation of aromas, the winemakers allow this sparkling wine to mature for thirty-six months.
The sparkling wine of the Kurtatsch Winery, the “Alto Adige Spumante Riserva DOC 600 Blanc de Blancs”, is also produced using the méthode champenoise. The base for this sparkling wine is formed by Chardonnay grapes which thrive at an ideal location at an elevation of 600 meters. This tingling temptation is very particular thanks to the slow fermentation of fifty-five months. The first trials of making this sparkling wine were initiated by the Kurtatsch Winery back in 2014.

The “Brut Riserva” of the Pfitscher Estate Winery that is based on Pinot Noir grapes which thrive at an elevation of over 600 meters proves itself through its dazzling color and the immediate feeling of clarity. With this sparkling wine, tones of fruit and citrus are harmoniously united with a certain mineral quality. The base wine goes through a controlled fermentation and is aged in small oak casks for a total of forty-eight months. This Brut Riserva has only been available in a limited edi-tion for the first time since October.
In 2020, the Association of South Tyrolean Sparkling Wine Producers has been celebrating its thirtieth anniversary. The ten active members have dedicated themselves to sparkling wine production according to the méthode champenoise which requires a second fermentation in the bottle. This occasion is being celebrated with an Ambassador Sparkling Wine which, on one hand, contains one hundred liters of base wine from each member and, on the other hand, is provided with a new signet that represents the Association.
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