Knowledge of Wine at the Click of a Mouse

Knowledge of Wine at the Click of a Mouse

The Most Renowned Apps Regarding Wine

Would you like to learn more about the winegrowing region of Alto Adige? Or order your favorite wine with a few simple clicks? Or learn more about the topic of wine in general? We have carried out a search for the most helpful apps.

Below you will find our recommendations:

1.  Vivino Wine Scanner

Using Vivino’s search function, bottles can be scanned at a wine shop or wine bar. Information and ratings are then received on the corresponding wines. Vivino has available one of the largest wine databases in the world. With this guide at hand, the selection in front of the shelf immediately becomes easier. Whether in the recognition of wine varieties, price inquiries, or online bargains: Vivino is a very useful helper. Vivino’s offering is supplemented by reviews of wines that are written by the users themselves. This app also suggests the right food to pair with the selected wine and guides you to the nearest wine dealer. What is especially worthy of being recommended is the so-called “taste profile” which is created in the background and collects those wine varieties that have been rated best by the user. In the wine community with over 30 million users, you can also exchange ideas with like-minded people.

Vivino is very user-friendly, it has a big community and a large wine database, and it provides personalized recommendations. However the login has to be done through e-mail or Facebook.

2.  Wine Searcher

This app combines two helpful tools: on one hand, it is a price comparison portal, and on the other hand, it is an encyclopedia. By means of the search function, you can find the best wineries, restaurants, and wine shops in the vicinity. In addition, individual wines and labels can be searched through Wine Searcher. By taking a picture of the label on the bottle, you can filter through information in seconds about the producer, price, and ratings. And not only wines, but also beer and whisky varieties can be found through the easily handled search form, which is structured similarly to classic search engines. With the Save function, wines can be stored under “My Ratings” so that they can be tasted later on.

Using Wine Searcher is very intuitive. The app is supplied with sound expert knowledge. However, it is somewhat error-prone with the classification of bottle labels.

3.  WineStein

This app is a kind of encyclopedia for every wine lover. It was created from a collaboration between wine experts and scientists. Over time, it has come to contain valuable wine information about more than 600,000 wines that has been carefully collected by wine experts. On one hand, WineStein provides interesting background knowledge for each bottle of wine, while on the other hand, it serves as an advisor when preparing a meal, with options for pairing the wine with the planned menu. And the reverse is also possible: it can recommend several dishes for the corresponding type of wine. WineStein stores your personal preferences in the background and can thus make appropriate recommendations.

Have fun browsing through the apps!
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