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New Partner in Germany

Cooperation between Alto Adige Wine and the Sommelier Union of Germany

The desire behind the recently established partnership between the Sommelier Union of Germany and the Consortium of Alto Adige Wine is to support the collaboration between Alto Adige’s winegrowers and German sommeliers. Plans include joint events in Germany and trips to Alto Adige.

Peer F. Holm, president of the Sommelier Union of Germany, views this collaboration as very positive. What he especially appreciates about the winegrowing region of Alto Adige is the variety, thanks to the more than twenty grape varieties that are cultivated there. From the aromatic Gewürztraminer and the elegant Pinot Noir to the prominent fruit of the Pinot Blanc all the way to the crisp Sauvignon Blanc: the extremely varied facets of Alto Adige wines are of great benefit for sommeliers.

For his part, Andreas Kofler, president of the Consortium of Alto Adige Wine, appreciates the excellent work of Holm and his colleagues who have a great external influence on top German dining.

Germany is one of the core markets for Alto Adige wines, which in coming years are to be appearing in even wider settings. Thus, according to the Consortium of Alto Adige Wine and its president Andreas Kofler, its vice president Martin Foradori, and its director Eduard Bernhart, Alto Adige wines are to find even greater resonance in German dining. And in this way, they will also find their way into more and more wine lists in restaurants throughout Germany.

So let’s raise our glasses to this promising collaboration!
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