Only the best for Dad!

Only the best for Dad!

Gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on his face for Father’s Day

Our fathers have every reason to celebrate Father’s Day on 19 March. Would you like some inspiration on how to make this a special day? We will be happy to give you some tips and suggestions for marking the occasion. It’s never too early to savour a surprise: coffee, freshly baked croissants, sausage and cheese, plus a glass of sparkling wine from Alto Adige – this Father’s Day breakfast will make sure it’s a great day, right from the start.

The gift idea is also in very good taste: regardless of whether Dad is more of a white or a red wine type, Alto Adige is a miniature but magnificent winegrowing region that is blessed by both Alpine and Mediterranean temperatures, where wines are made that delight not only the critics. Simply choose your favourite wine and order it directly either from the winegrower or the winery.

Is your father a curious person who would like to learn more? Then attending a wine seminar at the Alto Adige Wine Academy will open up the world of Alto Adige wines and their production, with guided tours and on-the-spot tastings offering up-close views of the work of local winegrowers and winemakers. And if he not only loves good wine, but also good architecture, a number of Alto Adige’s wineries feature outstanding architecture to visit and admire.

Every dad is sure to relish a feast in his honour – prepared by yourself and served up with a glass of Alto Adige wine! As a starter, you’ll come up trumps with a tartare of salmon with a basil yoghurt-dressing; follow up with cream of courgettes with robiola cheese and crispy capers and you’ll have all the aces in your hand. This Father’s Day feast finally reaches its climax with a grilled steak slice with BBQ sauce.

Perhaps you’d prefer to treat him to good food without all the hassle of home-cooking? An invitation to a restaurant is guaranteed to be to his taste. And, because fine fare deserves fine wine, our restaurant tip is for the winner of the 2022 Alto Adige Wine Culture Award, which boasts a perfectly coordinated culinary experience, true passion – and hosts who have a particular sensibility for wine.
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