Sustainable Winegrowing in Alto Adige

Added Value, Networking, Internationalization

Winegrowing and, in a larger sense, the wine industry form an important social and cultural pillar in Alto Adige. The Consorzio Alto Adige Wines acts as an umbrella organization that integrates all those involved in the wine industry, showing the special merits and character of the Alto Adige wine scene in the best light. In so doing, the goal is to support those who are active in winegrowing and wine production in Alto Adige to keep their future successful and sustainable.
Wine as a Basis for Livelihood of an Entire Region

The Consorzio Alto Adige Wines views itself as a support body for its members. As a mainspring and backing for all those who dedicate their livelihood to the passion for wine.
The Consorzio Alto Adige Wines develops strategies for the future that create sustainability for people involved in winegrowing and winemaking and for all of Alto Adige. Winegrowing and winemaking are sustainable if they offer winegrowers and winemakers a secure basis for livelihood and also express their valuable work in added value.

As a center, starting point, and interface at which all of the information on the subject of Alto Adige and wine flows together, the Consorzio Alto Adige Wines acts in a network with IDM, the Bolzano Chamber of Commerce, the Provincial Office of Fruitgrowing and Winegrowing, and other interest groups from the agricultural sector in Alto Adige. The various partners are devoted to areas such as marketing, pest control, public policy, wine regulations, research, and internationalization. In exchanges with the Alto Adige Farmers’ Association, the Laimburg Research Center, and other research centers both in Italy and abroad, the Consorzio Alto Adige Wines in this way forms the framework for a valuable pool of knowledge.
Alto Adige Wine

“Over five thousand winegrowers and their families form the heart of winegrowing in Alto Adige. The Consorzio Alto Adige Wines therefore focuses in particular on the question of how we can successfully support the many people who are active in winegrowing and winemaking in order to achieve good revenues and to create added value and perspectives for the future so that their farms and their businesses can be successfully passed down to coming generations.”

Elke GruberEmployee Consorzio Alto Adige Wines
Internationalization: Preparing New Markets

The Consorzio Alto Adige Wines has the vision of conceiving wine in Alto Adige on the large scale and expanding the action radius for Alto Adige’s winegrowers and wineries further in order to build up international structures for networking and communicating Alto Adige wine culture with its outstanding wines to new markets.

For that reason, the Consorzio sets benchmarks, maintains contacts, builds up a network of qualified forces, and presents Alto Adige wine to the international wine scene.

Through the overarching collaboration, strategic plans can be prepared for the development of the wine sector in Alto Adige and decisions can be made jointly with all of the partners that are active in winegrowing and winemaking.

Moving forward together, with great responsibility and extreme commitment, in order to provide a good positioning of Alto Adige as an excellent winegrowing region to the worldwide wine market and to advance it economically as an entire region. That is the mission of the Consorzio Alto Adige Wines.
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