Precious Pearls for the Feast

Precious Pearls for the Feast

Give and Enjoy Alto Adige Sparkling Wine

To give joy to family and friends. That’s what everyone wants to do, especially at Christmastime. With an artisanal product from Alto Adige, which combines quality and pleasure in one, this is of course even better. Our suggestion: a Alto Adige sparkling wine. It is an ideal gift or souvenir for the holidays.

Whether with an appetizer or a light dish, or by itself as an aperitif, it delights with the finest notes and multilayered spectrum of aromas.

Alto Adige sparkling wine is produced according to the classic method of sparkling wine production. In order to achieve the optimal process throughout the fermentation, each bottle must constantly have its position changed. Turns of one eighth, one quarter, or one half of a bottle circumference with a changing inclination are necessary for this. The cellar temperature should be 12 degrees Celsius (54 degrees Fahrenheit) during the fermentation process. No artificial additives are used. To remove the spent yeast from the neck of the bottle, the sparkling wine is disgorged. In order for a wine to be transformed into silky Alto Adige sparkling wine pearls, it needs to be aged for at least fifteen months. But for the most part, Alto Adige winemakers usually allow their sparkling wines to age naturally for two, three, or even more years. In this way, the wine can transform the fresh aromas and fine fruit acids from the grapes into the finest sparkling wine pearls without any time constraints. The result: sparkling wine enjoyment at its finest.

The sparkling wine producers therefore keep a special eye on the aging process, which must be slow and controlled. The ten Alto Adige sparkling wine producers are spurred on by their quest for quality and their tireless commitment.

Alto Adige sparkling wines are easily recognizable by the new signet of the Association of Alto Adige Sparkling Wine Producers which adorns the capsule or the neck of every bottle. It consists of a stylized S, which on the one hand is an indication of the transformation of wine into sparkling wine and on the other hand also stands for “Sekt”, “Südtirol” and “spumante” (the name of the province, and the words for “sparkling wine” in both German and Italian). To further emphasize the bottle fermentation and the long aging period, the signet was supplemented with the words “Südtirol Sekt” and “Metodo classico”, meaning “Alto Adige sparkling wine” and “méthode champenoise”, respectively.

Not only are Alto Adige’s sparkling wines a thoughtful gift for the holidays, the whole gamut of Alto Adige’s wines also offer a multifaceted selection. Crisp whites, full-bodied reds, and refreshing rosés: every wine lover will find what they are looking for here. If you would like to get an overview of the entire assortment, you are welcome to do so here:

Alto Adige still wines and sparkling wines are available in local specialty stores as well as in wine shops.

We wish you a reflective Christmas and a wonderful New Year for 2022!
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