The top-rated Alto Adige wines for 2023

The top-rated Alto Adige wines for 2023

The Italian wine guides select their favourites

The wines of Alto Adige continue to hold top spot in Italy’s wine guides, as demonstrated by the recently published ratings for the coming year. The most successful producers were the Terlan and Tramin wineries, while the most highly rated wine was the 2019 Pinot Noir Riserva Trattmann from the Girlan winery, given top marks by six of the nine wine guides.

There were thus 23 “Tre Bicchieri” awards from Gambero Rosso, 36 “Top Wine” awards from Slow Wine and 35 “Quattro Viti” awards from Vitae; Veronelli awarded 24 “Tre Stelle Oro” for wines from Alto Adige, while Vinibuoni made 33 awards of “Le Corone” or “Le Golden Star”, and Bibenda granted 36 “Cinque Grappoli”. In all, 44 wines from Alto Adige were ranked in Doctor Wine’s highest category, “I Faccini 95+”, while Sparkle gave five of its “Cinque Sfere”, with The Wine Hunter giving 61 wines a “Golden Award” or a “Platinum Award”.
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