Wine Tales 2021 Sweeps International Film Awards

Wine Tales 2021 Sweeps International Film Awards

An Alto Adige Fairy Tale Goes around the World

What is life like among with the most extreme vineyards in the world? How are they tended? And how are the best wines obtained from them? “Wine Tales 2021” tells the story of “the most extreme vineyards in the world” with passion and humor. The project received celebrity support from one of Alto Adige’s most popular and beloved sons, Reinhold Messner, and it is not least thanks to his voluntary involvement that the film achieved global visibility really fast. Reinhold Messner’s amusing statement at the end of the film creates an element of surprise. 

The ad was produced by the Consortium of Alto Adige Wine, who engaged two Alto Adige natives: Mirko Bocek as producer and Lorenz Klapfer as director.

Thanks to the precious support by Alto Adige's winemakers on their social media channels as well as by numerous influencers, the campaign online has already garnered more than 14 million views and 90,000 interactions.

So it is not by chance that the ad also caused an international sensation. Whether in South Africa, Latvia, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, Serbia, or Croatia: “Wine Tales 2021” cleaned up at renowned international film festivals. In 2021 “Wine Tales” was crowned by the International Committee of Tourism Film Festivals (CIFFT) as the second best tourism film in the world in the category of tourism products. In addition, the ad won a total of seven tourism film awards.

The specific awards are:


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