A toolbox for creating your wine list

A toolbox for creating your wine list

Information, graphics and images on wines from Alto Adige

The Alto Adige Wine Consortium has produced a valuable and practical aid for the preparation of wine lists and for presenting the wines of Alto Adige. Called the Toolbox. It is a collection of useful information for the everyday needs of anyone dealing with wine, while ensuring that the wines of Alto Adige are presented in a uniform, accurate and consistent manner.

How it works
The website of the Alto Adige Wine Consortium offers restaurateurs, hoteliers, sommeliers, wine merchants and all other interested parties information, texts, a map and photos relating to the wine region of Alto Adige, together with brief descriptions of its most important red and white wines.
Easy, practical and fast to use, all the material can be downloaded free of charge and incorporated into your own wine list or wine presentation.
If you are looking for maximum simplicity, on the other hand, you can even integrate a previously prepared and ready-to-use page into your documentation.

The Toolbox is a practical aid for anyone wishing to prepare a wine list or a professional wine presentation complete with comprehensive and above all reliable information. At the same time, it enables those who wish to tell a uniform, fascinating, accurate and authentic story of the wines of Alto Adige. It is an indispensable contribution made by all the ambassadors and multipliers of our province.

All contents of the Toolbox can be seen via this link
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