Alto Adige White Wines

Alto Adige White Wines

Versatility, pairing and agreeableness

From sun to ice, from lakes to mountain terraces, in a few kilometers, in Alto Adige, a truly unrepeatable natural show is staged where in just a few kilometers, the landscapes change the panorama, the climates, the geological matrices of the land. A very differentiated terroir, therefore it makes it possible for many vines to find their ideal growing conditions here. In fact, in Alto Adige over 20 different cultivars are grown on soils of various conformations and at different altitudes. This permits more than 200 wineries in the area to offer excellent products, with unmistakable origins and that are well-known throughout the world for their quality. After all, Alto Adige is the only Italian production area that embraces the whole range of wine genres, with wines of the highest quality. However, that wasn't always the case. Until the end of the 1970s, Alto Adige produced above all red wines, with slave wines reigning supreme.

Over time and with the progress of agronomic studies, the winemakers have, however, begun to focus more and more on white wines, so much so that today this land is considered among the best Italian areas for this type of wine. Undoubtedly thanks to the technical expertise of farmers and enologists; but also to a very wide and multifaceted palette of vines where the natives keep company with the internationals perfectly acclimatized in the various sub-zones. The climate present in this wine area, sunny but cool and breezy, and the presence of strong temperature variations between day and night have favored the production of white grapes with intense, refined and elegant aromatic profiles, which in these lands have found a terroir in which they can assert themselves to perfection.

There are so many white grape varieties that continue to spread the quality of Alto Adige all over the world; some of these represent real icons appreciated and recognized throughout the world: among these, for example, is Sauvignon, now one of the leading whites of the territory thanks to its growing success, or a great aromatic wine such as Gewürztraminer, which stands out for its aromas: from rose petals to the passion fruit, from lychees to acacia flowers which in Alto Adige are characterized by a nice acidity and freshness. Another flagship among the white vines of Alto Adige is Chardonnay, which here is characterized by a strong versatility: lively and fruity when aged in steel, soft and complex when it rests in small barrels. Pinot Grigio is always able to surprise, a wine which, depending on the production area, can be fiery and burly, with fruity aromas of ripe apples, pears and quince or more refined, with mineral notes and scents of fresh lime blossoms. The white wines of Alto Adige are characterized by their extreme versatility, pairing and pleasantness, so much so that they are considered precious allies of the table. They are in fact gastronomic wines, capable of combining absolute fidelity to the characteristics of the vine, and to the uniqueness of the territory with great personality, while at the same time managing to represent the ideal partner to the cuisine from all parts of the world.
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