Beef carpaccio, paired with Schiava or Lagrein

Perfectly paired summer recipes

A joy for the palate

Light meal, light wine? To help you enjoy your culinary summer to the full, we have gathered together a few flavour-packed special summer recipes that unfurl to glorious perfection with the right wine. Before we start, a rule of the thumb for summer pairings: Generally speaking, when temperatures are higher, you should opt for wines with a lower ABV.

Meat, fish, pasta: What do you say to the following dishes?

Carpaccio, tartare or sea bass: personal preference is always the first thing to consider. However, there’s one rule that you should always remember: Wine must be served at the right temperature to allow it to unfold to its full potential; given that wines warm up faster when the weather is warmer in the summer months, you should always serve them a little cooler – including the red wines.
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