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Premium Spot at the World’s Largest Showcase of Wine

Alto Adige Wine Collaborates with Wine App Vivino

With more than 56 million users and 14 million wines, Vivino is the world’s largest digital wine shop window. This showcase is also used by the Alto Adige wine industry, which collaborates with Vivino and presents the winegrowing region, winemakers, and wines on the online platform. In the interest of all sides. The Alto Adige wine industry has an exclusive place in the world’s largest wine retail center, and as Iva Glumac from Vivino says, “Vivino users never have to drink a bad wine again.”

Ms. Glumac, Vivino is the most successful wine app in the world. What can it do that others can’t?

Iva Glumac: Wine is so much more than just a great label. Wine is about experiences, about companionship, and of course about what’s in the bottle. And that’s where Vivino comes in. As the world’s largest online wine trading site and the most downloaded wine app in the world, Vivino brings together millions of wine drinkers and makes buying the right wine easy, intuitive, and fun.

And how does Vivino actually work?

Glumac: Our users take a photo of a wine label or wine list and get all of the information that is available in a few seconds: reviews from users and professionals, dishes to pair with it, wine descriptions, and a list of merchants that sell that particular wine. We want to be the biggest platform for wine shopping, regardless of whether people are buying wine online or in person.

Now there is a collaboration between Vivino and Alto Adige Wine. What is your impression of our winegrowing region?

Glumac: The winegrowing region of Alto Adige is so special because it is small but mighty. It is geographically blessed with its location in the Alps and its Mediterranean climate. What’s also interesting and exciting is the juxtaposition between the German and Italian cultures and the fact that the wine tradition has been passed down for generations. What I also enjoy are the people with whom I work. Everyone on the team is extremely friendly, and you can readily feel the passion they have for what they do.

What does the collaboration with the winegrowing region of Alto Adige look like in concrete terms?

Glumac: Within the framework of our cooperation with Alto Adige wine, we present Alto Adige’s red and white wine varieties to our 56 million users and tell stories of Alto Adige producers so that people can get to know the winegrowing region and its special varieties. With the motto “Italy’s best-kept secret: Alto Adige,” we go into detail about tradition, but also show how innovative the wine producers here are. In doing so, we take up Alto Adige’s credo that every bottle of wine tells a story about the province.

To wrap things up, Ms. Glumac, just one personal question: Do you have a favorite Alto Adige wine?

Glumac: That’s a difficult question! Thanks to our collaboration, I have become acquainted with very many Alto Adige wines, and I have learned to love Gewürztraminer, Kerner, Sylvaner, and Veltliner. And just recently I tasted the “Cardellino Chardonnay” from Elena Walch. So good! It is without a doubt an experience to taste wines from Alto Adige and to learn the stories behind them. I hope to be in Alto Adige soon and taste wines from as many wineries as possible!
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