The success of our pioneers

The success of our pioneers

The figures speak for themselves: the pillars of the Alto Adige wine sector have won over the public

While the wines of Alto Adige are today everywhere regarded as a byword for quality, innovative spirit and pioneering enterprise, much is owed to the region’s pioneers, women and men who, motivated by a strong pioneering spirit, realised their dream of producing world-class wines amid the unique landscapes of Alto Adige. They were winegrowers, winemakers and heads of wine cooperatives who, in the 1970s and 1980s, ushered in a new era of winegrowing. And it was thanks to them that it was possible to launch a quality campaign for this sector with such positive effect that its rewards are still being reaped today.

In order to celebrate these extraordinary personalities, and with the aim of making their work the common heritage of so many wine enthusiasts, the Alto Adige Wine Consortium made eight short biographical documentaries in 2021 and 2022 to give voice to these witnesses: an online campaign with a strong emotional resonance that was in particular promoted in Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, making it possible to learn all about the history of these extraordinary individuals, hear their memories of the past and also listen to their predictions for the future.

The campaign achieved excellent results: over 3 million impressions and more than 13,000 interactions were recorded in the leading markets for Alto Adige wines. The Alto Adige Wine Consortium has now decided to build on this deserved success and produce four new videos in 2023 with the intention of increasing people’s awareness of the avant-garde and far-sighted thinking of the forefathers of winegrowing in Alto Adige.
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