The taste of spring

The taste of spring

… and what’s more: our Easter menu with wine pairings

The sun shining, the birds singing, fresh aromas and enjoying wine in the open air: spring is here and, with it, Easter invites us to savour delightful tastes. Whether after weeks of fasting or just because, at Easter weekend we serve up only the best to surprise our family and friends.

We have therefore chosen three recipes from our collection that will look great on the Easter table, completed – or rather complemented – by a glass of the ideal wine from Alto Adige.

We start with a fruity dish: the combination of melon with speck and Roquefort combines a summery sweetness with a tangy intensity. A glass of Pinot Grigio Alto Adige DOC will emphasise the flavours; or perhaps choose a Gewürztraminer Alto Adige DOC, whose slight residual sweetness creates a contrast with the dish’s smoky, mild aroma.

For some, asparagus is the finest aspect of spring! Its characteristic flavour is not merely a delight on its own, but also makes a fine ingredient for this pasta dish. Together with homemade tortelli, robiola, orange and herb butter, it produces an appetising complexity that should be reflected in the accompanying wine, making the fruity Pinot Blanc Alto Adige DOC an excellent pairing. The same goes for the Sylvaner Alto Adige DOC and its herbal notes of the Alps.

Our Easter menu culminates in this delicate main course: a grilled steak slice with potato and courgette skewers served with BBQ sauce to provide the perfect foretaste of summer and the barbecue season. The juiciness of the tender beef is exquisitely matched by the noble Lagrein Riserva Alto Adige DOC, whose velvety richness makes it an ideal partner for Easter dining.

Does your wine cellar need replenishing for the Easter weekend? You can stock up on first-class wines from Alto Adige in our online shop – for a celebration or just for the sheer pleasure of it!
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