Alto Adige Terroir: The Origin of Great Wines

The Perfect Totality: Climate, Location, Soil, and People

What is it that makes up the character of a wine? To understand the answer to this, first it is necessary to ask: what is it that makes up the character of a land? With regard to winegrowing, we call that terroir, that is, a complex interweaving of geographic, geological, climatic, and even cultural and social factors. Every little variation counts. Climate, location, soils, and people form an unmistakable totality. And in Alto Adige, the terroir forms the basis for the potential of the great wines that are grown here: unique wines at the point of intersection of Alpine and Mediterranean vegetation and culture.
Grapes Alto Adige

“The most famous wines in the world come from vineyards in which soil, microclimate and choice of variety enjoy a special interaction. This is no different in Alto Adige, and the introduction of the single-vineyard concept has been long overdue. Future generations will be grateful for that!”

Martin ForadoriVice President, Consorzio Alto Adige Wines

Why is the origin so important for the quality and character of the wine?

The secret lies within the details. In Alto Adige, the formation process of the Alps resulted in the creation of a mosaic of the most varied of soil types, shaping the province’s landscape in such a varied way that the microclimate changes within just a few kilometers.
Citrus trees and snow-covered mountains within the closest of spaces: Alto Adige’s winegrowers have developed a unique strength from this.
In the valleys between the mountains and on the sunny slopes, they have studied the ideal conditions for growing more than twenty different grape varieties from 200 to 1,000 meters (600 to 3,300 feet) above sea level. Precisely where each variety flourishes best.
Soils and passion in Alto Adige
Soils and passion in Alto Adige
A Legacy from Primeval Times Alto Adige

A Legacy from Primeval Times

The composition of the soils in Alto Adige is extremely multifaceted. This distinctive geological conditions shape the character of Alto Adige wines literally from the ground up.