Caldaro Wine Trail

The Piazza Rottenburger in Caldaro is the starting point for the Caldaro Wine Trail, which runs like a loop around the Oltradige winegrowing village of Caldaro. In Alto Adige’s second-largest winegrowing community, one becomes properly aware of the wealth and variety of Alto Adige wine. The individual vineyards with names derived from the Rhaeto-Romanic origins such as “Vial”, “Prunar”, “Puntara”, and “Palurisch”, which have been immortalized on the lime-white thresholds, bear witness to a lengthy tradition and a flourishing history. These “bar names”, the designations of the individual vineyards, may be found on the route toward Lake Caldaro that has been labeled as no. 12. From the fabulously beautiful Lake Caldaro, path no. 3 will take the hiker interested in wine back to the town of Caldaro. From there, another partial section can be traveled to Pianizza di Sopra and Pianizza di Sotto in order to then end up once again at the original starting point. The Caldaro Wine Trail can also be tackled every week in the spring and summer as a guided tour. During the walking time of three hours, those interested in wine experience everything about Alto Adige wine, and can sample wines from the region during tastings.

Starting point: Piazza Rottenburg, Caldaro
Length: 9,3 km
Change in elevation: 230 m
Time: 3 h
Difficulty: easy

Details & itinerary

Informations on guided hikes:
Tourist Office Caldaro
Tel. +39 0471 963 169