Castel Sallegg Wine Trail

“Good wine is born in the vineyard” – an often quoted truth that is more relevant today than ever before. Why that is so and what happens in the vineyard is illustrated by the Wine Trail at Castel Sallegg in Kaltern. Information boards located in the midst of the vine rows explain all about the South Tyrolean grape varieties and their characteristics, the annual vegetation cycle of the vines, the history of wine growing as well as the relevant aspects of the climate, geography and the terroir. If you want to know the full winemaking story – from the vine to the barrel and the bottle – you can combine the walk with a visit to the winery and a wine-tasting session. Whether you have a guide or find your own way, whether you go it alone or in a group, you can be sure of learning all about traditional wine-growing in South Tyrol on the Castel Sallegg Wine Trail.

Starting point: Rottenburger Platz (center of Kaltern)
Arrival point: Courtyard of Castel Sallegg
Length: 0,4 km
Change in elevation: 50 m
Time: 30 min
Difficulty: easy

Details & itinerary

Castel Sallegg
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