“Gschleier Path” Instructional Nature and Wine Trail in Cornaiano

There are around a hundred different species of plants that may make a hiker stop on the Cornaiano Instructional Nature and Wine Trail to marvel at the flowers, shrubs and grasses and smell them. And the culture of Alto Adige winegrowing accompanies this excursion into the vineyards around Cornaiano. Renovated dry stone walls, different grape varieties, the work in the wineries, and the people amidst their devotion to wine draw the hiker’s attention along the path. Also making one forget everyday life and collect wonderful memories of vacation are the unique views of the Dolomites, the “rose garden” of the Catinaccio, and the Bolzano basin with its vineyards. For the broadening of one’s personal knowledge on wine, there are fifteen information plaques available with explanations on winegrowing, the espalier and pergola trellis systems, the annual cycle in winegrowing, pest control, and the grape varieties that are cultivated in the Oltradige. The “Gschleier Path” Instructional Nature and Wine Trail starts at the church in Cornaiano and is 1.6 kilometers (one mile) long.

Starting point: Cornaiano church square
Length: 1,6 km
Change in elevation: 10 m
Time: 1 h
Difficulty: easy

Informations on guided hikes:
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