Lagundo Instructional Wine Trail

The Wasserwaale channels are the oldest irrigation systems in the vineyards and orchards. With the onset of industrialization, though, more technically advanced methods were invented, which is why these days, these channels can be excellently used as a guide system for hiking trails. One of these “channel hiking trails” that are found primarily around Merano is the Lagundo Instructional Wine Trail. It begins right at the Lagundo channel and leads along it on the Schludernsteinweg to the restaurant Leiter am Waal. The history of the cultural and vineyard landscape comes to life here and is tangible for the hiker. The simple plaques describe the Lagundo channel, the old grape varieties, and the work of the vineyard watchman known as the Saltner. His job was to watch over the ripe harvest. Customs and beliefs also play an important role in winegrowing, as do the animals and plants in the vineyard. Winegrowing around Merano has had and continues to have an eventful life, about which it is very worthwhile to learn more.

Starting point: Cafe Konrad at the Lagundo channel
Length: 1,4 km
Change in elevation: 130 m
Time: 1 h
Difficulty: easy

Details & itinerary

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