More Than Just Pleasures of the Palate

The Many Facets of Alto Adige Wine

Whether in the glass, still on the vine, or even in the surrounding architecture: the culture of wine engages us far more frequently than only with eating. It is not merely a luxury to be enjoyed, but rather a part of cultural heritage that is deeply anchored in Alto Adige’s history. It has long since made a name for itself with fine dining. And the Alto Adige landscape without wine would be as foreign and barren as if it were without mountain peaks or snow.

Alto Adige wine in all of its forms and facets is the perfect invitation to come together and enjoy, to bicycle and hike, to learn and be amazed – and to discover everything about the small winegrowing region.
Relaxed Wine Hikes Alto Adige

Relaxed Wine Hikes

Countless paths lead through Alto Adige’s rich estate wineries and carefully tended vineyard landscapes. This is the place where wine culture can be experienced with all five senses: first when wandering among ancient grapevines and then with a convivial glass in the winery.
Wine – Making – Art! Alto Adige

Wine – Making – Art!

For the longest time now, Alto Adige’s wineries and wine cellars have been shining not just with their wines, but also with their buildings. After all, top-quality wines have earned a suitable setting. And that is how many a small winery has been transformed into a genuine architectural great.