Winetales 2021

Alto Adige’s wine growers and makers are giving it their all for the #winetales2021! No mountain too steep, no tempest too rough! In search of ideal requirements for cultivating their crop, they brave the most extreme conditions. These men and women strive for utmost quality by taking risks, exercising patience and painstakingly selecting only the very best grapes from their harvest. Up here in the Alps of Alto Adige is where generations of experience meet challenging conditions and the brute forces of nature. This juxtaposition has evolved into an experience that truly resembles a fairy tale!

Reinhold Messner is already part of it, and now YOU can be, too!

Share your personal herostory with us and become part of Alto Adige’s #winetales2021. Post your very own Alto Adige wine experience here.

#winetales2021 is where individual heroes come together to create a fairy tale.

Tell us your personal herostory and become part of the #winetales2021 community