Less is (Sometimes) More

Wines are given time and tranquility here to develop

Less is more – at least sometimes. For that reason, the Gojer family restrict themselves with their estate winery Glögglhof in Santa Maddalena above Bolzano to doing only what is necessary and otherwise giving their wines peace. Peace and enough time to be able to develop.

The Glögglhof Estate Winery is a small, family-run operation that is located right in the heart of the Santa Maddalena winegrowing zone which is blessed with a long tradition. Here, just a bit above the provincial capital of Bolzano, every detail counts, Franz Gojer is convinced: “Every single step of the work, be it in the vineyard or in the cellar, makes it possible for us to have an influence upon the results. In the end, the bottled wine is nothing other than the sum of all of these steps.”

And with all of the steps that the Gojers take, the consideration of nature and care are in the topmost position. “We act according to the principle that quality originates in the vineyard,” says the winegrower of the Glögglhof Estate Winery in Bolzano.

His minimalistic approach then comes to fruition in the winery. “We restrict ourselves to the most necessary of interventions and give the wine time to develop,” Gojer explains. In that way, authentic wines that are typical to the location are created at the Glögglhof, at the same time elegant and harmonious. “We are constantly trying to safeguard the character of the origin and the differences between the vintages,” Gojer says, “and thus with their unadulterated character, our wines distinguish themselves from industrial wines or wines that are only good at the tasting bar.”
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“We are constantly trying to safeguard the character of the origin and the differences between the vintages, and thus our wines distinguish themselves through their unadulterated character.”
Franz Gojer, Glögglhof Estate Winery
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