Less is enough

Let nature take its course

Meno è meglio: con queste tre parole Klaus Schroffenegger riassume lafilosofia della sua Tenuta HochKlaus a Cornedo all’Isarco, sopra Bolzano. E nonstupisce, visto che Klaus non ama il superfluo. “Lascio che sia la natura aparlare per me, e considero la tenuta come un ciclo naturale autonomo, in cuivoglio intervenire il meno possibile”, spiega aggiungendo: “Alla fine si deveottenere un prodotto genuino, sincero e vivace”.

Less is enough: Klaus Schroffenegger only needs three short words to describe the philosophy behind the HochKlaus Estate Winery located in Karneid/Cornedo all’Isarco above the city of Bolzano/Bozen. This does not come as much of a surprise, because Klaus has always been a no-nonsense type of guy. “I let nature speak for itself. In my opinion, an winery has a natural cycle that I want to disturb as little as possible,” he says and adds: “I want the finished product to be authentic, honest, and vibrant.”

His parents, who have been tending to the vineyards for many years, laid the foundations for the HochKlaus Estate Winery. Klaus Schroffenegger is more than grateful for all the work they did: “Taking care of a vineyard means investing a lot of time, energy, and patience,” he says, “and having old, healthy vines makes your life considerably easier.”

Thanks to his parents being in the same business, he not only got healthy, strong vines, but also acquired a profound knowledge of the world of wine growing – and when we say “world,“ we mean it literally: Klaus Schroffenegger gathered experience in Australia, the United States, and France before taking over his parents’ business.

His philosophy of “less is enough” is not only his credo out in the vineyards but also down in the cellar. All wines produced at the HochKlaus Estate Winery are subject to spontaneous fermentation, come without any additives, and are not filtered before bottling.

The young winemaker uses clay amphoras to make sure none of the terroir is lost. “Our wines are absolutely vibrant, which perfectly reflects our passion for typicity and our close connection with nature,” says Schroffenegger.

Via Cornedo 33, 39100, Cornedo / Bolzano
Phone 3491839080

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“I let nature speak for itself. In my opinion, an winery has a natural cycle that I want to disturb as little as possible.”
Klaus Schroffenegger, HochKlaus Estate Winery
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