Pinot Noir. Primarily, But Not Only

At the Kollerhof, in addition to the classic varieties, Solaris is also grown

Pinot Noir has been grown in Mazzon, a district of Egna, for nearly 150 years. So it is no wonder that the Kollerhof winery in Egna-Mazzon focuses on this classic grape variety. Primarily, but not exclusively.

As early as 1878, a first Pinot Noir vineyard was planted in Mazzon, and in 1898, a first Mazzon Pinot Noir won an award in Vienna. Since that time, this grape variety and this town have been closely linked, they “grew together”, it could be said.

A part of this natural connection is also the Kollerhof winery in Egna-Mazzon, which has been run by the Visintin family since 1966, today by Herbert Visintin and his children. “Our family purchased the Kollerhof at that time, cleared out the vineyards that had grown old, and planted new Pinot Noir vines,” Visintin said, “and since 2012, we have been making our own wine,” in a modern winery and with a great deal of know-how.

While Pinot Noir is the classic pillar of the Kollerhof Winery in Egna-Mazzon, since 2015 they have been working with a new grape variety, and specifically in the winery’s own vineyards in Anterivo. “We planted Solaris there, a variety that is resistant to mildew and peronospora and therefore does not require any treatment,” Visintin explained. The variety finds its optimal conditions in Anterivo: many hours of sunshine, and a mild to warm wind from the south. “Solaris is very particular,” the winegrower says with enthusiasm. “It has a scent of elder blossoms and meadow flowers, and in the mouth it unleashes fruitiness and sleek acidity.”

It is always possible to get enthusiastic in Mazzon. And not just about Pinot Noir.
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“Our family purchased the Kollerhof in 1966, cleared out the vineyards that were past their prime, and planted new Pinot Noir vines. We have also been making our own wine since 2012.”
Herbert Visintin, winegrower at the Kollerhof
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