Of Butterflies and Wines

The focus on nature and its transformation processes

From egg to caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly. Or, rather, from shootto blossom to grape to wine. Armin Morandell of the estate winery ofthe same name in Caldaro recognized the similarities of two impressiveprocesses of metamorphosis in nature. So it is no wonder that all ofthe Morandell wines are named after butterflies.

The MorandellEstate Winery is located above Lake Caldaro, and his vineyards extendacross different locations and elevations from 200 to 500 meters. Allof them may well be pampered by the son, but otherwise they havedifferent microclimates and soils, the palette of which ranges from limegravel to red loam. “This variety makes it possible for us topurposefully grow top-quality varieties that thrive especially well ateach respective location and bring forth wines with strong character,” Morandell explains.

He concentrates on Pinot Grigio, Schiava,Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon, “On a handful of wines,” as he himselfputs it, “that we produce according to all the rules of the art.” Andmarket. And so the butterfly was made the trademark and the wines fromthe Morandell Estate Winery are named after species of butterflies withthe labels related to their wings. “Wines and butterflies: both of themare the unbelievable result of a completed transformation,” explainsMorandell, providing the idea behind it.

And because inaddition, the butterfly is a sensitive creature, it also matches quitewell with the philosophy of the Morandell Estate Winery, which is: “Wework according to a holistic approach, devote ourselves with dedicationto the care of our grapevines, and focus on sustainable management.”
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“Through the variety of our locations, we can purposefully grow top-quality varieties that thrive especially well there and bring forth wines with strong character.”
Armin Morandell, young winegrower at the Morandell Estate Winery
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