Long-standing tradition, new direction

Edmund Pomella, a third-generation winegrower, focuses on natural wines

EdmundPomella could have chosen an easier path: As a third-generation winegrower, hehad the opportunity to take over a thriving winery in Cortaccia in 2016. Thevineyards boasted old grapevines of classic varieties, so it seemed ano-brainer to just continue as it was. Yet what he wanted was something morenatural. Pomella is passionate: passionate about nature, passionate aboutprotecting our environment. And, as a consequence: passionate about natural,digestible wines.

ButEdmund Pomella also values old treasures, so he decided to graft the vines inhis vineyards, some of which are up to 100 years old. The old rootstocksformed the basis for modern PIWI varieties: Bronner, Johanniter, Muscaris,Souvignier Gris, Prior, Cabernet Cortis. These varieties can becultivated without using chemical pesticides. And Pomella did not only keep therootstocks, he also continues to use the old pergola training system, whichoffers significant benefits in locations exposed to intense sunlight and scarcein water.

Cultivatingnatural wines helps accomplish two goals simultaneously: Promoting humanwell-being without harming nature. And it doubles the quality: “This is notjust about the quality of our wines but also about quality of life, respect fornature, our vines, our soils, and all life on our planet,” says Pomella, whoalso offers farm tours and runs his own farm store, where consumers can buy hiswines and other natural products.

Rain 11, 39040, Cortaccia
Phone 0039 340 0552959

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Delivery service
Direct sales
“This is not just about the quality of our wines but also about quality of life, respect for nature, our vines, our soils, and all life on our planet.”
Edmund Pomella, Naturweine Pomella
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Souvignier gris
Cabernet cortis
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